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Friction Screw Press VFP (Down Stroke)

This Screw Press is also known as Forging Presses or Screw Presses. These Friction Screw presses are preferred for hot forming (Forgings) and cold coining, Stamping, embossing, Sizing nonferrous metals.


  • The press body is of steel welded construction, one piece box type design.
  • The screw is made of high quality alloy steel and is heat treated to give hardness and elasticity.
  • The connected flywheel accelerates at the start of working stroke and is braked to a stand still by the actual forming process. Forging accuracy is greater.
  • The forging forces do not act on the machine frame but are sustained by the Ram.
  • Forging is possible in closed die as a screw can not jam under load.



Technical Specifications

Nominal CapacityTons30501001502003004005006308001000
Dia of Screwmm/inch75/3115/4¼132/5¼155/6¼165/6½200/8225/9½255/10280/11292/11½307/12½
Stroke of Rammm/inch150/6175/7250/10275/11300/12350/14375/15405/16432/17457/18507/20
Number of strokesPer mintue40302520181614121086
Size of Tablemm/inch325×350/13×14325×400/13×16½430×470/17×18½450×525/18×21500×540/20×21½600×600/24×24 700×700/28×28 760×760/30×30 810×810/32×32865×865/34×34915×915/36×36
B/W Table & Ram
B/W Table & Ram
mm/inch175/7 175/7200/8225/9250/10280/11300/12 325/13355/14380/15405/16
Dia of Hole
in the table
mm/inch75/380/3¼100/4 118/4½125/5140/5½150/6150/6150/6165/6½190/7½
Dia of Hole in the Rammm/inch38/1½38/1½50/264/2½64/2½64/2½89/3½118/4½118/4½125/5125/5
Pulley Sizemm/inch100/4B100/4B100/4B125/5C125/5C175/7C175/7C175/7C175/7C175/7C175/7C
Power RequiredH.P./R.P.M3/14405/144010/144015/144020/96025/96030/96040/96050/96060/96070/960
  • Specifications are subject to change without Prior Notice.
  • All Data is proposal and can be adjusted according to Customer’s Requirements.
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Brand Name
NKH Hammers
Product Name
Friction Screw Press VFP (Down Stroke)