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Why NKH?


Our Company Moto
“Good environment, Good people, Good technique”

Our Guiding Precepts
“Sincerity, Thoughtfulness, Determined Spirit”

Our Management Principals

“To contribute to the wellbeing of society through Better Forming Technologies and Apply business practices that reflect the integrity of NKH Hammers and our leading brand”

Salient Features

NKH has always been Trusted Worldwide for the Quality of their machines, which undoubtedly makes them the BEST of ALL.
Robust Design of the Machines with the proven record successful running throughout India and Abroad.
Controls Shifting in the forging, as the columns, Anvil, Ram, slides of the machine are rightly aligned by stringent measures being followed and has been double checked by the engineers.
Gears and Brake Drum which are associated as Brain and Heart of the machine has been supplied by the Special Quality steel which last for more than 10 years.
Less Brake Down = More Productivity/Performance = Saves Time = MORE PROFITABILITY= Return Back on Investment (ROI) within One Year Guaranteed.
Service Backup, Maximum 48 Hrs of the Downtime.
Support Backup Team always geared up for the queries with supportive Solutions, if Required.
Team of Engineers having Technical Knowhow and better quality solutions, overcomes the risk of failures of the parts.
In house Chemical Testing Facility and Flaw Detecting Machine to keep a check on the incoming material and ensure the Cracks in the Casting as well as forgings hence, ceasing the part to be used for the production.
Research & Design Development facilities, made us Invest in software’s that tell us beyond the existence of the human error.
CNC Turning Centers and Vertical Machining Centre for improved quality.



NKH Hammers Forging Machine was founded in 1960 and it will always be our philosophy to engineer and build the highest quality equipment. The quality and durability of our machines have been proven for over 50 years. Our machines have served the companies for more than anyone else’s. Many NKH machines that are over 40 years old are in current operation. Replacement part sales are nearly non-existent.


These machines are designed for low initial cost but require higher maintenance. Gear replacements, Columns, Ram, Slides, Anvil and other spare parts are a primary part of the business for manufacturers of these machines. Notwithstanding the additional expense, higher labor costs are also associated with these machines, as has been the case since their introduction to the industry.